2020 BFFA Fun Fly Rules Released

By | December 28, 2019

Hi everybody,

Linked below are the new 2020 BFFA Fun Fly Rules.

One of the main reasons for the rule changes going into the 2020 season has been to unify all the Fun Fly rules into one document which covers the nationals as well as the other Fun Fly competitions we run for the BMFA.

Other changes include the replacement competition for Blackjack and clarification of the wildcard rule and its use.

All amendments were voted on by BFFA members at the AGM during the 2019 Nationals and are highlighted in red.

Plenty of time to start practicing before the Spring Fun Fly at Buckminster on the 25th of April!

2020 BFFA Fun Fly Rules

Happy Fun Flying!

Thanks, James