Another Fantastic Fun Fly Nationals held at Buckminster on 20th/21st August 2022.

Great competition, Great company and Great Fun!! Huge congratulations to Class 1 Champion Peter Mumford and Class 2 Champion Charlie Wood. Click the link at the bottom to see the full results.

Photos from the event taken by Mike Bell available in the Gallery.

Class 1:


Class 2:




The Fun Fly Festival at the end of May was a great success!

We had some new faces taking part as well as well as some of the country’s top Fun Fly pilots, so a good spread of competitors over class 1 and 2.

We managed to fly six rounds over the weekend consisting of Longest Glide, Touch & Go Pylon Race, Limbo, Touch & Go, Roop and Spins & Spot and we also had a good number of historic Fun Fly Models from the last 35 years.

Trophies were awarded on both days for the top flyers in both classes as well as a Pilot of the Day for each day too, courtesy of Gavin from Evolution Models, who also donated a kit for the free raffle over the weekend.

To top it off, the 20 year old Touch & Go record was finally broken in Class 1, with Peter Mumford clocking up an amazing 57 touch & Gos in the square in 2 minutes!! – LINK

For more photos, see the BFFA Fun Fly Group facebook page for what was a thoroughly enjoyable Fun Fly weekend! – LINK

2022 Fun Fly Buckminster Dates Announced!

The BFFA have been given four dates for Fun Fly Competitions at Buckminster in 2022. Buckminster is an excellent venue for fun fly and also has a fantastic campsite adjacent to the flying site.

Please put these dates in your diaries so you can hopefully join us for some fun fly action in 2022….

23rd/24th April

28th/29th May

9th July

30th October

Details will follow on how to enter and the competitions for each day, but there will be competitions for the entry level Class 2 and the expert Class 1.

We can also do practice days or training if required – please let us know what you want to see on these dates.

Many thanks to Manny at Buckminster for accommodating us in the very busy calendar and we really hope you want to support the BFFA and come along for some Fun Fly fun at our National centre.

Hope to see you there!


Fun Fly Nationals was held at Old Warden on the 18/19th September

A great weekend which was hosted at Old Warden.  The venue could not have been more accommodating at this special place for Aircraft and Aeromodelling.

The new Champions are:

Class 1 – Peter Mumford

Class 2 – Simon McNeill

Further results are now uploaded onto the Results Page.

Peter Mumford also broke the record for the number of Limbo’s in 2 minutes taking the total to an amazing 53!

Please take a look at our Gallery Page here for more action shots from the weekend! Thanks to Mike Bell for the photos.

If you wish to see video of some of the impressive flying then take a look at our Facebook BFFA Group page linked here. BFFA Facebook Group

Lastly, keep an eye out for a detailed write-up about the event by Mike Bell appearing in a future edition of the BMFA News.

Fun Fly was conceived at club level all over the country in the 1960’s and in 1985 it was launched as a national event which soon became an integral part of the BMFA August Nationals. It has been going strong ever since, living up to its reputation of being one of the most enjoyable events at the Nats.

So what is Fun Fly? Basically, at club level, a fun fly competition can be pretty much anything as long as it’s simple and fun! I belong to the Caterham and Croydon clubs, both of which have monthly fun fly competitions ranging from limbo, touch and go’s or spot landing events, through to slightly sillier events like water carrying, balloon bursting or even doughnut dropping! All these events are designed to entertain, both the pilots and the spectators.  They also improve pilot skills and confidence and they certainly add a new dimension, a sense of purpose and of course lots of fun to any club! The other thing about fun fly events is that they are all scored against the clock. There are no judges deciding how much they liked your flight – your score at the end of the time is what you get – simple as that!

The models, too, can be very basic. At club level and indeed at the Nationals, most people use well proven designs such as the Limbo Dancer, Avicraft Frantic, Western Cougar, Wot 4 or the very popular Evolution Models Fusion. All of these models have the benefit of being relatively cheap, quick to assemble and easy to fly. But with the right set up, then these models can be as nimble and maneuverable as any model on the market. I fly lots of different types of models, but I never get bored flying a fun fly model!

At the Nationals, we also like to encourage flyers to modify existing models or even design their own. Over the years, we have seen some wonderfully ingenious designs that have been incredibly successful. This, then brings another element to the competition, for the model can’t be just good at one event, it needs to be good at four or five very different events, so not only are the pilot skills being tested, so is the design of the model!

So, go on, why not give the fun fly a go!

Happy Fun Flying!

James Gordon.